Saturday, 20 July 2013

The heat between Nigeria and paypal

Paypal has banned Nigeria (not Nigerians) from using its service.
A Nigerian can operate a paypal account effectively while abroad but once he steps into Nigeria, he/she begins to have problem with the account and in most cases, the accounts are blocked.
Paypal has made so many innocent Nigerians cry. They've lost huge hard earned money to paypal.
They believe anyone from Nigeria is a potential scammer.
Although we have bad eggs among us, not all are "fraud geeks". Personally i wondered why they had to ban instead of stiffening their security.
Nevertheless, Nigerians are still making legal money online. But the stress involved could be breath-taking.
Is there hope that the ban be lifted in the future? Does it make sense if our political leaders come into the matter? Can the president or some ministers negotiate with the paypal geeks? Or rather what better alternatives do we innocent Nigerians have. Please comment your view on this matter.