Monday, 22 July 2013

"Fighting on" Johannes Kepler's story

Some events in life could really be discouraging. But i have noticed that majority of the "great" people we have, and had, all made up their mind to discourage the discourage.
One which fascinates me is the life story of Johannes Kepler.
Johannes Kepler was born prematurely in 1571 and died at the age of 59(1630). He contribute to the scientific revolution with his work on planetary orbits, laws of motion and scientific method.
Kepler's accomplishments formed the foundation of modern theoretical astronomy.
Here is a brief life story (curled from: The Galileo Connection by Charles E. Hummel)
"Kepler's work was all the more amazing in light of the great odds against which he fought all his life. Born into a poor family, he was constantly short of money. From infancy his health was delicate; throughout his life he suffered from fever attacks, stomach disorders, skin eruptions and poor eyesight. A protestant amid the growing Catholic Counter-Reformation, Kepler was persecuted for his faith, banished from two cities and forced to give up his property. Frequent moves took their toll on his home life. His first wife died early of disease; fewer than half of his children lived beyond ten years.
Employment was always uncertain for Kepler. The noblemen whom he served often paid his salary late; the emperor defaulted on commitments to him. Amid those personal misfortunes came the Thirty Years' War, one of the cruelest in European history. During his last twelve years, Kepler had to conduct his research in the middle of that conflict, at times with his house occupied by soldiers and in sight of the carnage. Yet under those incredibly difficult circumstances, Kepler continued his arduous work and became one of the greatest astronomers. Through all his suffering he remained a warm-hearted human being with deep Christian commitment."

Reading throught that bio, we need no sooth-sayer to tell us Kepler was a man who never allowed circumstance of life kill his dreams.
We have millions of examples.
In conclusion, my point is be determined. This write up might look "motivational" but thats not my aim.
My aim is to let you know of the fact that "those who don't give up end up giving more to the world". So readers, whatever the obstacle might be, dont quit. Have your dreams of becoming an engineer, doctor, actor, nurse, lawyer... Been shattered by Jamb or any other means? Whatever the case maybe, i BEG you reading this
So many gave up at the edge of their glory. Don't join the toll.
Thanks and God bless...