Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ronaldo's free kick breaks boy's wrist

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo left a 11 years old fan in pain — by smashing his wrist with a free kick.
The eleven years old Charlie Silverwood was there to watch his team Bournemouth host Real Madrid in a friendly match.
As Ronaldo fired the ball, it speed some 35-yards towards the audience stand. Charlie's dad ducked(reflex) as he saw the ball. Thence, the ball hit little Charlie breaking his wrist into two.
The lad was so determined not to miss the action he kept watching for the remaining 84 minutes — before going to hospital where X-rays revealed his double fracture.
He faced an operation before being plastered.
Charlie admitted: “It was very painful. I’ve told friends and they cannot believe it. Ronaldo is the world’s most expensive player — and he broke my arm.
I could see the ball coming towards me. It curled past the post and was going to hit my face — so I had to block it withmy hand. My dad was sat next to me and ducked out of the way so I took the full force.”
His father Lee, also a Bournemouth fan, said: “It all happened in a blur. “One minute we were watching Ronaldo stand over the ball and the next it was flying towards Charlie. “It must have been travelling at a rate of knots and hit Charlie right on the wrist.”
The young boy who will be in plaster for the next six weeks was given a real madrid shirt which was signed by Ronaldo and his teammates.
He also got a ball signed by the Bournemouth team.
The lad’s dad said: “It is a game Charlie will never forget.”
Real Madrid spokesman Juan Camilo Andrade said: “We will be donating a memento to Charlie.”

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nigeria's First Lady loses mother to a ghastly motor accident.

Nigeria' First Lady- Patience Jonathan's mother was reported to have been involved in a ghastly motor accident on monday along Elele road River state.
It was gathered that she was on her way to Bayelsa State when the accident occured.
Though, the police and the Federal Road Safety Commission in the state could not confirm the incident, an aide to Mr Evans Bipi to happens to be related to the deceased said the First Lady's mother died in a road accident, which occurred at about 4pm.
When contacted, the State Director of FRSC, Dr. Kayode Olagunju, declined comment on the matter, saying, "I cannot say anything on this matter now until I get full details."
Another source from Okrika who spoke to the Vanguard said the deceased might not be the biological mother of Mrs Jonathan, adding that the first lady probably took her as a mother "I am not sure she was the mother. But she probably chose to call her mother", the source said.

Obama's five-point plan in a nutshell.

While giving an impromptu speech on the Trayvon Martins Incidence, U.S President Barrack Obama pointed some plans he and his staff are considering in order to tackle the problem of racism and African American's development.
In a nutshell here's the five-point plan:
  1. Justice Department, governors, mayors to work with law enforcement about training at the state and local levels in order to reduce the kind of mistrust in the system that sometimes currently exists.
  2. Examine the "stand your ground law" the law which agrees that someone who is armed potentially has the right to use those firearms even if there’s a way for them to exit from a situation.
  3. spend some time in thinking about how do we bolster and reinforce our African American boys.
  4. Gather together business leaders and local elected officials and clergy and celebrities and athletes, and figure out how are we doing a better job helping young African American men feel that they’re a full part of this society and that they’ve got pathways and avenues to succeed.
  5. Do some soul-searching.

Click here to read Obama's full speech on Trayvon Martins

Monday, 22 July 2013

"Fighting on" Johannes Kepler's story

Some events in life could really be discouraging. But i have noticed that majority of the "great" people we have, and had, all made up their mind to discourage the discourage.
One which fascinates me is the life story of Johannes Kepler.
Johannes Kepler was born prematurely in 1571 and died at the age of 59(1630). He contribute to the scientific revolution with his work on planetary orbits, laws of motion and scientific method.
Kepler's accomplishments formed the foundation of modern theoretical astronomy.
Here is a brief life story (curled from: The Galileo Connection by Charles E. Hummel)
"Kepler's work was all the more amazing in light of the great odds against which he fought all his life. Born into a poor family, he was constantly short of money. From infancy his health was delicate; throughout his life he suffered from fever attacks, stomach disorders, skin eruptions and poor eyesight. A protestant amid the growing Catholic Counter-Reformation, Kepler was persecuted for his faith, banished from two cities and forced to give up his property. Frequent moves took their toll on his home life. His first wife died early of disease; fewer than half of his children lived beyond ten years.
Employment was always uncertain for Kepler. The noblemen whom he served often paid his salary late; the emperor defaulted on commitments to him. Amid those personal misfortunes came the Thirty Years' War, one of the cruelest in European history. During his last twelve years, Kepler had to conduct his research in the middle of that conflict, at times with his house occupied by soldiers and in sight of the carnage. Yet under those incredibly difficult circumstances, Kepler continued his arduous work and became one of the greatest astronomers. Through all his suffering he remained a warm-hearted human being with deep Christian commitment."

Reading throught that bio, we need no sooth-sayer to tell us Kepler was a man who never allowed circumstance of life kill his dreams.
We have millions of examples.
In conclusion, my point is be determined. This write up might look "motivational" but thats not my aim.
My aim is to let you know of the fact that "those who don't give up end up giving more to the world". So readers, whatever the obstacle might be, dont quit. Have your dreams of becoming an engineer, doctor, actor, nurse, lawyer... Been shattered by Jamb or any other means? Whatever the case maybe, i BEG you reading this
So many gave up at the edge of their glory. Don't join the toll.
Thanks and God bless...

Duchess of Cambridge goes into labour.

Thousands of well-wishers have gathered outside Buckingham Palace and the London hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is in labour as the world anxiouslywaits for her to give birth to the future king or queen. Despite being the hottest day of the year so far, huge crowds have formed to welcome the royal baby's arrival. Kate is still in labour with Prince William by her side, after the couple drove from KensingtonPalace to the private Lindo Wing StMary's Hospital in Paddington at around 5.30am today. Excitement reached feverish levels outside Buckingham Palace this afternoonwhen the Queen (right) arrived home from Windsor Castle, where the huge crowd surged dangerously as she was driven through the gates
source: dailymail

How to display the naira sign on a webpage using html.

Displaying the naira symbol on a webpage might be much of a hustle since most keyboards and keypads dont support the symbol. Although i heard of a keyboard that supports the naira symbol, but i haven't seen one myself.
So, to display the naira symbol(₦) to a webpage, just use this unicode:

Apple Buys Nigerian Entreprenuer Chinedu Echeruo’s Online Mapping Startup For $1 Billion.

This should come as great news to all entrepreneurs and those thinking of startups.Apple has acquired Nigerian Entrepreneur Chinedu Echeruo’s, The Wall Street Journal’s publication, AllThingsDigital reports. Founded in 2005, makes mobile applications for both iOS and Android that coversover 300 cities and that helps people get directions or find nearby subway stations and bus stops. Terms of the deal have notbeen disclosed as at the time of this publication. HopStop has oft been compared to Israel’s Waze which was recently acquired by Google for$1 billion. The move is seen as Apple’s plan to bolster its map offering especially given Google’srecent acquisition of Waze. Chinedu Echeruo grew up in the east, and attented Kings College in Lagos. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Syracuse university and went on to HavardBusiness School for his graduate studies. He founded after working for several years in the Mergers & Acquisitions and Leveraged Finance groups of J.P Morgan Chase where he was involved in a broad range of M&A, Financing and Private Equitytransactions. He also worked at AM Investment Partners, a $500 million volatility-driven convertible bond arbitrage hedge fund. Kudos bro...

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Iron Man actor Robert Downey- Highest paid Hollywood actor according to forbes.

Forbes released their annual 'Highest Paid Hollywood Actors' list and Iron Man actor Robert Downey topped the list.
See what the top 10 actors earned between June 2012&June 2013..
  • 1. Robert Downey Jr - $75million (Iron Man)
  • 2. Channing Tatun - $60million (Magic Mike, White House Down)
  • 3. Hugh Jackman - $55million (Les Miserables, X-Men)
  • 4. Mark Wahlberg - $52 million (Ted)
  • 5. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - $42million (Fast&Furious)
  • 6. Leonardo DiCaprio - $39million (Great Gatsby)
  • 7. Adam Sandler - $37million (Hotel Transylvania)
  • 8. Tom Cruise - $35million (Jack Reacher)
  • 9. Denzel Washington - $33 (Flight)
  • 10. Liam Neeson - $32million (Taken 2, The Grey)


Gunmen threaten to kill NANS president over his support for the ongoing Asuu strike.

The President, National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, said some un-identified gunmen were threatening to kill him over his support for the ongoing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities,ASUU.
Comrade Prince Miaphen stated this on Saturday, in a press statement, made available to Dailypost. According to him,
“Yesterday, the 19th of July 2013 at about 1pm to 2pm, a white Jeep entered my house at Wamba Road, GRA in Jos, with armed men and carted away almost all my property worth hundreds of thousands, after searching for me tirelessly with to no avail. Fortunately for me, I had travelled to Ekiti State where I’m schooling.
The case is said to have been reported to the police.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

List of senators who voted in favour of making underage marriage legal in Nigeria.

Here is a list of senator who are in support of the underage marriage.
  • 1. Sen. Abdulmumin M. Hassan (Jigawa South West, PDP)
  • 2. Sen. Abdullahi Danladi (Jigawa North West, PDP)
  • 3. Sen. Adamu Abdullahi (Nasarawa West, PDP)
  • 4. Sen. Ahmed Barata (Adamawa South, PDP)
  • 5. Sen. Akinyelure Ayo (OndoCentral, Labour Party)
  • 6. Sen. Alkali Saidu A. (GombeNorth, PDP)
  • 7. Sen. Bagudu Abubakar A. (Kebbi Central, PDP)
  • 8. Sen. Dahiru Umaru (Sokoto South, PDP)
  • 9. Sen. Galaudu Isa (Kebbi North, PDP)
  • 10. Sen. Garba Gamawa (Bauchi North, PDP)
  • 12. Sen. Gobir Ibrahim (Sokoto East, PDP)
  • 13. Sen. Gumba Adamu Ibrahim (Bauchi South, PDP)
  • 14. Sen. Hadi Sirika (Katsina North, CPC)
  • 15. Sen. Ibrahim Bukar Abba(Yobe East, ANPP)
  • 16. Sen. Jajere Alkali (Yobe South, ANPP)
  • 17. Sen. Jibrilla Mohammed (Adamawa North, PDP)
  • 18. Sen. Kabiru Gaya (Kano South, ANPP)
  • 19. Sen. Lafiagi Mohammed (Kwara North, PDP)
  • 20. Sen. Lawan Ahmad (YobeNorth, ANPP)
  • 21. Sen. Maccido Mohammed(Sokoto North, PDP)
  • 22. Sen. Musa Ibrahim (NigerNorth, CPC)
  • 23. Sen. Ndume Mohammed Ali (Borno South, PDP)
  • 24. Sen. Sadiq A. Yaradua (Katsina Central, CPC)
  • 25. Sen. Saleh Mohammed (Kaduna Central, CPC)
  • 26. Sen. Tukur Bello (Adamawa Central, PDP)
  • 27. Sen. Ugbesia Odion (Edo Central, PDP)
  • 28. Sen. Umar Abubakar (Taraba Central, PDP)
  • 29. Sen. Usman Abdulaziz (Jigawa North East, PDP)
  • 30. Sen. Ya’au Sahabi (Zamfara North, PDP)
  • 31. Sen. Zannah Ahmed (Borno Central, PDP)….
  • 32. Sen. Ahmad Rufai Sani (Zamfara West, ANPP)
  • 33. Sen. Ahmad Abdul Ningi (Bauchi Central, PDP)
  • 34. Sen. Bello Hayatu Gwano (Kano North, PDP)
  • 35. Sen. Ibrahim Abu (Katsina South, CPC)
    source: CKN

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The heat between Nigeria and paypal

Paypal has banned Nigeria (not Nigerians) from using its service.
A Nigerian can operate a paypal account effectively while abroad but once he steps into Nigeria, he/she begins to have problem with the account and in most cases, the accounts are blocked.
Paypal has made so many innocent Nigerians cry. They've lost huge hard earned money to paypal.
They believe anyone from Nigeria is a potential scammer.
Although we have bad eggs among us, not all are "fraud geeks". Personally i wondered why they had to ban instead of stiffening their security.
Nevertheless, Nigerians are still making legal money online. But the stress involved could be breath-taking.
Is there hope that the ban be lifted in the future? Does it make sense if our political leaders come into the matter? Can the president or some ministers negotiate with the paypal geeks? Or rather what better alternatives do we innocent Nigerians have. Please comment your view on this matter.

14 cool things about Bill Gates.

I did some findings on the computer-geek/philantrophist- Bill Gates. Here what i've got to share:
Fact 1: As of 2011, his fortune is worth$59 billion.
Fact 2: Gates told his university teachers he would be a millionaire by age 30. He became a billionaire at age31.
Fact 3: Gates graduated high school in 1973 and scored 1590 of 1600( approx 99% ) on the SAT.
Fact 4: He is married to Melinda Gate and has 3 children
Fact 5: The first computer program that he wrote was a tic-tac-toe game that allowed people to play against the computer.
Fact 6: Bill Gates enjoys playing tennis, golf and bridge.
Fact 7: Bill Gates earns about $250 every second
Fact 8: He created his first venture – Traf-O-Data , at the age 17 with Paul Allen to make traffic counters built on the Intel 8008processor.
Fact 9: Bill Gates functioned as a congressional page in the U.S. House of Representatives in year 1973.
Fact 10: Bill Gates is very active on Twitter but not on Facebook, despite Mark Zuckerberg and he reportedly getting along well. Themain reason he cites for his absence from the social network?“The friend requests got out of hand…”
Fact 11: Bill Gates loves travelling and visits India almost every year for the upliftment of the poor.
Fact 12: And here comes the clincher: If Microsoft Windows’ users can claim just 1 dollar for every time their computers hang because of Microsoft Windows, Bill Gates will be bankrupt in 3 days!
Fact 13: Gates’ children will inherit a ‘minuscule portion’ of his wealth “I don’t think that amount of money would be good for them. They have to find their own way. They will be given an unbelievableeducation and that will all be paid for. And certainly anything related to health issues we will take care of. But in terms of their income, they will have to pick a job they like and go to work,” Gates said.
Fact 14 Gates prefers his foundation work to working at Microsoft “If people look and see that childhood deaths dropped from nine million a year to four million because of our investment, then wow! I liken what I’m doing now to my old job. I worked with a lot of smart people; some things went well, some didn’t go so well. But when you see how what we did ended up empowering people, it’s a very cool thing,” said Bill Gates, who retired from Microsoft in 2008.

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Monday, 15 July 2013

2013 WORLD UNIVERSITY WEB RANKING Top 20 Universities and Colleges in Africa

2013 WORLD UNIVERSITY WEB RANKING Top 20 Universities and Colleges in Africa by the University Web Ranking
  • 1 University of South Africa South Africa
  • 2 University of Cape Town South Africa
  • 3 Universiteit Stellenbosch South Africa
  • 4 University of Dares Salaam Tanzania
  • 5 University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa
  • 6 University of Pretoria South Africa
  • 7 Cairo University Egypt
  • 8 University of the Witwatersrand South Africa
  • 9 University of the Western Cape South Africa
  • 10 Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria
  • 11 Makerere University Uganda
  • 12 University of Botswana Botswana
  • 13 Mansoura University Egypt
  • 14 Rhodes University South Africa
  • 15 Alexandria University Egypt
  • 16 The American University in Cairo Egypt
  • 17 Zagazig University Egypt
  • 18 University of Johannesburg South Africa
  • 19 Assiut University Egypt
  • 20 University of Nairobi Kenya
Note that universities are not just ranked anyhow. Each ranking organization has its own factors and qualification.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Does God want christains to suffer?

Does God want christains to suffer? This is a question in the mind of many. According to Purnell's new colour dictionary, surffering is pain of the body or mind; experience of pain. God created man, and his purpose was that man should have power over the fish, birds, and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small. In brief, his purpose was that man dominated the earth (Gen 1:26). We were not created to suffer but rather, we were created to dominate. As defined above, suffering is pain of the body or the mind. It is not God's plan and will that his children should go through this type of suffering. Pain in the body which could be in form of sickness, disease... That of the mind has to do with the emotional state of a person. Sometimes we suffer for our ignorance for the bible says "my people perish because of lack of knowledge". Few times, it could be God that allows/permits such trials our way which leads to pain of the mind or the body. But one thing for sure is that God will never allow trials to consume us. The grace to pull out it there. So we need to check ourselves sometimes when going through pain. Did we disobey certain instruction we ought to have obeyed? Instructions from God, our parents(moral living), doctors, life principles... But God is willing and ready to help you. To lift the burden off your back. Just persist in prayers of mercy to him. God is willing. God is a father. But there's a kind of suffering God wants his children to partake of and that is suffering because you are Christ follower. "MY DEAR FRIENDS, DO NO BE SURPRISED AT THE PAINFUL TEST YOU ARE SURFFERING, AS AS THOUGH SOMETHING UNUSUAL WERE HAPPENING TO YOU. RATHER BE GLAD THAT YOU ARE SHARING CHRIST'S SUFFERINGS, SO THAT YOU MAY BE FULL OF JOY WHEN HIS GLORY IS REVEALED. HAPPY ARE YOU IF YOU ARE INSULTED BECAUSE YOU ARE CHRIST'S FOLLOWERS; THIS MEANS THAT THE GLORIOUS SPIRIT, THE SPIRIT OF GOD, IS RESTING ON YOU. IF ANY OF YOU SUFFER, IT MUST NOT BE BECAUSE YOU ARE A MURDERER OR A THIEF OR A CRIMINAL OR A MEDDLER IN OTHER PEOPLE'S AFFAIRS. HOWEVER, IF YOU SUFFER BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, DONT BE ASHAMED OF IT, BUT THANK GOD THAT YOU BEAR CHRIST'S NAME (1 pet 4:12-16)" The only sufferring God wants is that for christ sake. Any other kind is not his will. Hence we can take it to him in prayers and he will help as always. Some other bible reference on suffering: 1pet 2:18-25, 1pet 4:1-6, psalm 103:9-10, romans 6:6

Did Dinosaurs really exists?

Having watched so many movies and cartoons on Dinosaurs- those huge reptile, i wondered if they ever truly existed. Did some findings and this is it: Did Dinosaurs Really Exist? Yes they did. Fossils of dinosaurs have been found all over the world, and their bones are displayed in museums. Their discovery began back in the 1820s, when Gideon Mantell, an English doctor, found some unusual teeth and bones in a quarry. By 1841, about nine types of these different reptiles had been uncovered, including two called Megalosaurus and Iguanodon. The name "Dinosauria," was coined by Dr Richard Owen, meaning “terrible lizard,” for this is what the huge bones made him think of. The major feature that really distinguishes dinosaurs from other reptiles (such as crocodiles) is the position of their limbs. Dinosaurs had posture that was fully erect, similar to that in mammals. Most other reptiles have limbs in a sprawling position. Dinosaurs would have moved like a cow, with the limbs supporting the body from beneath. Some were as small as chickens, and others were even smaller. While some dinosaurs were very large, weighing approximately 80 tons and standing 40 feet high! The average size of a dinosaur, however, was probably about that of a small horse. There are some scientists who believe a few dinosaurs may have survived in remote jungles. We are still discovering new species of animals and plants today in areas that have been too difficult to explore until now. Even natives in some countries describe beasts that fit with what might be a dinosaur. (facts curled from: