Saturday, 20 July 2013

14 cool things about Bill Gates.

I did some findings on the computer-geek/philantrophist- Bill Gates. Here what i've got to share:
Fact 1: As of 2011, his fortune is worth$59 billion.
Fact 2: Gates told his university teachers he would be a millionaire by age 30. He became a billionaire at age31.
Fact 3: Gates graduated high school in 1973 and scored 1590 of 1600( approx 99% ) on the SAT.
Fact 4: He is married to Melinda Gate and has 3 children
Fact 5: The first computer program that he wrote was a tic-tac-toe game that allowed people to play against the computer.
Fact 6: Bill Gates enjoys playing tennis, golf and bridge.
Fact 7: Bill Gates earns about $250 every second
Fact 8: He created his first venture – Traf-O-Data , at the age 17 with Paul Allen to make traffic counters built on the Intel 8008processor.
Fact 9: Bill Gates functioned as a congressional page in the U.S. House of Representatives in year 1973.
Fact 10: Bill Gates is very active on Twitter but not on Facebook, despite Mark Zuckerberg and he reportedly getting along well. Themain reason he cites for his absence from the social network?“The friend requests got out of hand…”
Fact 11: Bill Gates loves travelling and visits India almost every year for the upliftment of the poor.
Fact 12: And here comes the clincher: If Microsoft Windows’ users can claim just 1 dollar for every time their computers hang because of Microsoft Windows, Bill Gates will be bankrupt in 3 days!
Fact 13: Gates’ children will inherit a ‘minuscule portion’ of his wealth “I don’t think that amount of money would be good for them. They have to find their own way. They will be given an unbelievableeducation and that will all be paid for. And certainly anything related to health issues we will take care of. But in terms of their income, they will have to pick a job they like and go to work,” Gates said.
Fact 14 Gates prefers his foundation work to working at Microsoft “If people look and see that childhood deaths dropped from nine million a year to four million because of our investment, then wow! I liken what I’m doing now to my old job. I worked with a lot of smart people; some things went well, some didn’t go so well. But when you see how what we did ended up empowering people, it’s a very cool thing,” said Bill Gates, who retired from Microsoft in 2008.

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