Saturday, 10 August 2013

Yet another lesson from the temptation of Jesus Christ

 The true story of the temptation of our Lord Jesus Christ is definately not a new story as majority of we christains know about it.
  So many lessons have been extracted from that story(matthew 4:1-11). It teaches us the best ways to fighting temptations--through the word of God.
Yet there is one lesson also that someone pointed out. It really struck me.
The first temptation was that of turning the stone to bread. This is where we will dwell on here.
Jesus having fasted for 40 days and night was very hungry. The devil came and asked that Jesus turned the stone to bread. I dont think this was a wrong suggestion. He was hungry, then why not provide food for yourself.
The truth of the matter is that the suggestion of turning the stone to bread was not a bad one, but rather its source was a bad one.
The suggestion came from the devil.
Jesus knew very well that nothing good can come from satan. He is full of deceit.
My point is: when some ideas, suggestions, thought... comes in, make sure you check its source. Make sure you are sure it is not a trick of the devil.
As the saying goes: "not all that glitters is gold".
One needs to be careful each time we make a descision. Let it agree with our spirit. Let God approve of it.

From me:
"Not all gold glitters".